The best laid plans of mice and men…

So everything was set, the fireworks ready to be lit, the engines were engaged and then after a dramatic countdown 5,4,3,2,1…..bbbbbbbmmmmmmmmmppppppppppbubb – nothing!  So my lesson today is that sometimes your plan is not the same as the Greater Plan.   I am a yoga teacher and I run yoga festivals.  For my personality certain things […]

Festival Love

Our vision for the allroot’s yoga festivals is for them to be a continuously evolving gathering of a diverse group people to celebrate life and living, for learning about themselves, reconnecting with who they are, laughing, playing, experiencing the new, embodying that experienced and letting go of that un-needed for the journey ahead. We seek […]

Get Involved

This year we are running an allroots yoga festival in Wales – June 12-14th, 2015!!!  Come join us – whether as a participant (you got to hold on for tickets until March 1st when goes live official), or help make it as a teacher, practitioner, other activity maker, fun shaker, painter, decorator, general helper […]


Welcome to allroots yoga! We believe that all routes of yoga whether on or off any form of mat lead to health, happiness and fulfillment.  We all need something different at different stages of our lives and not everything called yoga is yoga, yet not everything not called yoga isn’t yoga…do you see?!